Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Dude Abides

Disney's 'Tron' movie reverse-ages Jeff Bridges - Yahoo! News: "In 'Tron: Legacy,' which opens Dec. 17, 61-year-old actor Jeff Bridges will play Kevin Flynn, at his natural age, and a computerized avatar called 'Clu,' who hasn't aged since around the time he was first created in the original 'Tron' in 1982.

Clu bears Bridges' face, altered to make him about 35 years old, but it's grafted onto a younger actor's body.

While it may be eerie for audiences to see a new performance from a younger-looking Bridges, it was no less strange for the actor himself.

'It's bizarre. It's great news for me, because now it means I can play myself at any age,' Bridges said."

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Anonymous said...

That is very spooky, and somehow, somehow, very very wrong.