Friday, September 03, 2010

Will the Persecution Never End?

Paris Hilton - Paris Hilton In Contract Breach - Contactmusic News: "Paris Hilton may have to pay around $160,000 damages to producers of her 2006 movie 'National Lampoon's Pledge This!' after breaching her contract."


Cap'n Bob said...

Sounds like Paris is in a tailspin lately. I'm sure there's a house in Alvin draped in black crepe paper as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the producers of that unwatchable National Lampoon crap should be paying us damages for putting out such a piece of crap. Paris gave it the only measure of interest it had.


Unknown said...

So you're the one who saw the movie.

Anonymous said...

No, but I saw the trailer.

Does that count?


Unknown said...

Okay, I'll count that. That's all I saw.

Stephen B. said...

Yep, that movie bites. Luckily a friend paid for a rental preview he bought.

Stephen B said...

OC and Stiggs was total anarchy and made into a long-shelved film.

Dorm Daze was a film about... that's right, a kid in school who wishes he had a babe of his own.

Pledge This! is about, you guessed it, the snobbish sorrority and the silly misfits who wish they could fit in.

Animal house was all about the (too true) fun that people have in college. Lots of studying and homework in freshman year.

National Lampoon's Vacation was from a Hughes short fiction; I still think this might be a classic.