Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lawsuit of the Day

Fraser Island backpacker sues Queensland Government, tourism operators for injuries at Lake Wabby | Courier Mail: "A FOREIGN backpacker injured after running down a sand dune and tumbling into a popular Fraser Island lake is suing the state and tourism operators for failing to warn him of the dangers.
[. . . .]
He claims the Environmental Protection Agency, despite being aware of the dangers associated with tourists running down the dune, failed to properly warn of the risks or take precautions to minimise them."

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Caroline Clemmons said...

I know of a stupid one, too. A man an acquaintance and his wife pulled from a lake before cell phones were common later tried to sue the couple because the artificial respiration that saved his life rubbed skinned places on his back. A sane judge threw it out of court with a stern lecture to the guy stupid enough to fall into the lake.