Thursday, September 02, 2010

Will the Persecution Never End?

RADAR EXCLUSIVE: Paris Owns Purse That Appears Identical To One She Claimed Was Borrowed Night Of Cocaine Arrest | "A photograph posted by Paris Hilton more than a month prior to her drug arrest in Las Vegas could blow up her claim that the purse she was carrying -- which contained cocaine -- did not belong to her, is exclusively reporting.

In mid-July, Paris Tweeted a photograph of a purse and wrote: 'Love My New Chanel Purse I Got Today :)' That purse appears to be identical to the purse she was carrying when arrested on cocaine possession charges in Las Vegas last weekend."

Hat tip to David Cranmer.


Gerard said...

Nonsense! The Beautiful, Fabulous, and Fashionable Paris Hilton would not use a purse for more than a month!

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, Dad, I think I'm in trouble again.