Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Insider -- Reece Hirsch

Will Connelly is an coporate attorney at a high-powered San Francisco law firm. Things are going well for him, and he has high hopes that he's about to be named a partner. One day he's at work early. He glances out the window and sees one of his colleagues hurtle past. The next thing he knows, the cops think he's guilty of murdering his colleague, he meets a dangerous dame, he gets entangled with the Russian mob, and the SEC is after him for giving out information that leads to insider trading. After that, things get complicated.

This is Hirsch's first novel, but he handles things like a pro. The story moves right along, there's plenty of action, and Hirsch tosses in a couple of unexpected twists. At first Connelly's didn't seem like a particularly likable guy to me, but I warmed up to him. Soon enough I was rooting for him to find a way out of all the messes he'd gotten into, and I think you will be, too.

As an aside, how can you resist a cop who sells first editions on eBay? Especially one who gloats about finding a nearly pristine copy of The Galton Case at a garage sale. A minor character, maybe, but my kind of guy.

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