Monday, January 25, 2010

California Leads the Way

SoCal district pulls dictionaries over sex term: "A Southern California school district has pulled dictionaries from classrooms because a parent complained when a child came across the term 'oral sex.'

District officials said Friday that the Menifee Union School District — which serves 9,000 kindergartners through eight graders in Riverside County — is forming a committee to consider a permanent classroom ban of the Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary."

A tip of the old Stetson to Rusty Burke.


Jerry House said...

I remember looking up a number of words in grade school to see what they -- or I -- got wrong.

Craig said...

I like the quote "common sense seems to be lacking from this school," in the article. That pretty much sums it up.

Dan said...

Like Jerry, I can recall the illicit thrills hidden by Funk & Wagnall

Anonymous said...

Sadly, common sense is not very common, Craig.



Deb said...

Good Heavens! What utter nonsense! No wonder our schools are failing.

It reminds me of the story where a lady told Samuel Johnson that she was glad there were no improper words in his dictionary, to which he replied, "And so, madam, you have been looking for them?"

MP said...

You elites and libruls just don't get it. If we take away the dictionary all the bad things in it will go away. Won't they? Seems like I heard that on Fox News.