Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The History Channel Classes up its Act

Punchline Magazine Blog � Larry the Cable Guy to host History Channel show - Comedy Blog, Comedy News, and all things in Stand Up Comedy.: "Dan Whitney, aka Larry the Cable Guy, will be filming episodes for a new History Channel show during his current five-month national tour. Tentatively titled, The United States of Larry, the show will find the hugely successful blue collar comedian criss-crossing the nation interviewing folks with interesting jobs, hobbies and ways of life."


Anonymous said...

It's about damn time!


I assume that "partaking" in moonshine will be the raison d'etre here.

Anonymous said...

I like Larry but hope that The History Channel continues to focus on Nostradamus and the search for Sasquatch.


Unknown said...

Yeah, those are important topics. Especially Sasquatch.

Deb said...

Let's not forget Pawn Stars and multiple episodes of what the world's going to be like when all of the people on Earth are gone.

Anonymous said...

Now that's funny, I don't care who you are.

Of course, if the show tanks, the programming executive behind it will have to get on his knees and go, "Lord, I 'pologize for that. Please be with the little pygmies in Africa."