Friday, January 29, 2010


Number of kids injured playing computer games soars | The Sun |News: "THE number of children hurt falling out of trees is plunging - while those injured playing COMPUTER GAMES soars.
[. . . .]
Those suffering serious repetitive strain injuries last year after spending hours glued to consoles on games like huge hit Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare are up a massive 60 per cent since 2002.

Meanwhile there was a 50 per cent drop in youngsters aged 15 and under hurt pursuing the traditional childhood pastime of climbing trees."

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Richard Robinson said...

Maybe they can't find any trees... but then who would want to climb a naturally occurring object when you can punch little tiny buttons, or wiggle a game controller, and watch fake stuff on a piece of glass?

These days, the stuff that passes for fun I can't understand. A lot of it, anyway. Thank god for books!