Thursday, January 28, 2010

Will J.D. Salinger Update

Will J.D. Salinger's Manuscripts Be Published? - DailyFinance: "What Salinger has written, at least by neighbor Jerry Burt's account a decade ago, is more than 15 manuscripts -- all locked up in a vault. (In her memoir, Maynard believed at least two books were locked away.) Salinger's literary representative, Phyllis Westberg of Harold Ober Associates, would not comment, and Salinger's third wife, Colleen O'Neill, could not be reached, but the interest in publishing any newly discovered works should reach a fever pitch shortly, especially if noted literary estate-scooper Andrew Wylie gets involved."


Elizabeth Foxwell said...

There is an interesting article in the _Washington Post_ today about Roger Lathbury, GMU professor and owner of a small literary press, who attempted to reprint a long Salinger short story from _The New Yorker_:

Deb said...

My guess is that his will instructs his heirs to destroy all unpublished manuscripts. Whether or not they abide by this request is another story (cf. Vladimir Nabokov).

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link, Beth.

Deb, you could be right. Sounds likely. But there's bound to be a lot of money involved, so maybe not.