Saturday, January 30, 2010

He's Not Interested in his Lawn

Sexting - Adults Text Messaging, Sex Texting, Sexting Article, Cell, Boomers Text Chat, 50 -- AARP: "I'll say, 'You have an amazing body. You have amazing breasts,'' he reports. 'The next thing you know, you'll get a picture of a breast,' he says with a hearty laugh.

The Massachusetts resident has been enjoying the high-tech flirtation for years now, taking part in a trend the mainstream media has dubbed 'sexting,' a play on the term 'texting' ('sex' plus 'text' equals 'sext'). The term has made headlines recently, as teens continually get themselves in sticky situations with a form of high-speed communication that thrives on informality, spontaneity, and—for many young folks—bad judgment.

The catch is, Roger isn't a teenager—or even a 20-something. He's a 59-year-old divorc�, and, thanks to his cell phone and a slew of sassy ladies, his love life is more interesting than ever."

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Deb said...

So, a 59 year old is pleased about all the dirty cell phone pictures he's received. Jeez, how (literally) adolescent.