Saturday, August 29, 2009

Trust Me -- Peter Leonard

I wonder how many readers know, or care, that Peter Leonard is Elmore Leonard's son. Sure, the reviewers know, and they probably mention it. Maybe the word gets around. Maybe that's good for sales, but what matters is what's between the covers. And Leonard delivers.

Trust Me
(not to be confused with Jeff Abbott's brand new novel of the same name) is about Karen Delaney (a hot redhead -- George Kelly and Art Scott take note), who has a plan to rob her ex-boyfriend of $300K that is rightfully hers. As you might guess without my telling you, complications ensue. In this case, lots of complications.

Leonard keeps the plot moving along with lots of zany characters, including hit men and a pair of incompetent thieves. The dialog is snappy, and there are quite a few twists and turns before the satisfactory conclusion. I think this is Leonard's second novel. I missed the first one, but I might go back and give it a look. I have a feeling Leonard's going to have a nice long career.

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Anonymous said...

I liked his first novel, Quiver, quite a bit. mtm