Saturday, August 29, 2009


Gatorama hatching festival gives guests up-close view: "'This is the only place where you can hatch out an alligator in your hand,' said Patty Register, already busy with phone calls and preparing for a field trip of students before the park has even opened.

By 'hatching out' Patty means holding an alligator egg (a little larger than a chicken egg and slightly oblong) and gently assisting as a baby gator about 8 inches long makes its way out. 'You can hold the egg, feel the baby moving, and also hear it. It's an eye-opening experience,' she said.

The babies come out looking much like they will as adults, and can already walk, swim, and vocalize. The only thing they can't do is bite, since they hatch without any teeth."

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Richard Robinson said...

I'd love to see a hatching!