Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Click on the Link in this Story

Adam Jay Geisinger's Doc Bottoms Aspray Is So Shocking, MSNBC Pulled the Ad - "Once upon a time in this great land, there was a roofing contractor. His name was Adam. He lived on Long Island.

It came to pass that Adam had an idea for a personal grooming product (on the way to the gym, natch), and because this is America, where anybody can do anything, Adam begot something so completely and wonderfully absurd that he took to the airwaves to advertise it himself.

And so there came to be Doc Bottoms Aspray, billing itself as the first 'All Over' deodorant."


jj solari said...

sounds like a good product. if it works!! alas, they haven't so far. don't ask me for details.

Cap'n Bob said...

Tiny bottle, high price.