Sunday, August 23, 2009


Leonardo Dicaprio - Dicaprio's Shutter Island Postponed Until 2010 - Contactmusic News: "LEONARDO DiCAPRIO's new movie SHUTTER ISLAND has fallen victim to the ongoing financial crisis - its release has been pushed back until next year (10)."


chris said...

wasn't this supposed to be a scorsese picture? i even saw a trailer for it. they're shelving scorsese?

MysterLynch said...

There is plenty of speculation as to why it got bumped. Money seems to be the biggest, but there is also some speculation that they simply don't think it will have any play in the awards.

It could be that they think it will draw more money than awards. Feb will see less competition for them in terms of the paying public.

As I said on CC, the initial script got slapped around online, but I have no idea whether or not it that was the one actually used.

steve said...

I saw the trailer a few weeks back and boy, did it look like a train wreck. This move surprises me not at all.

Max Allan Collins said...

It looks terrible. Obvious stuff and a lousy DeCaprio accent (he's embarrassing when he tries to play big boy).

Who exactly thinks checking into an insane asylum sounds like a fun night at the movies?