Saturday, August 29, 2009

20 Food Innovations That We Could Have Done Without |

20 Food Innovations That We Could Have Done Without | Sloshspot Blog: "Food and beverage companies have long fought the battle of keeping their consumers happy and their products fresh. Evey once in a while, in random acts of desperation, the scheming minds behind our foods can think a bit too far outside the box."

Hat tip to Janet Rudolph.


jj solari said...

i like those orange peanut marshmallow candy crap things. AND goober grape. I need to get a gander of the guy that made this list. i mean Peeps wasnt even mentioned. I dont think he really made an effort. I want to see his voting record. AND his papers.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

I liked candy cigarettes when I was a kid and the peanut candies aren't that awful. Neither is the canned cheese. Und vat's vrong vid liverwurst? I love it.

Karin M said...

Hey, original flavoured water--how could you lose selling that?

I hate to think how many of these "food" items I've actually eaten. I haven't enjoyed them all, but I have to admit I quite like liverwurst (also known as liver paste), although the tubular plastic bags they come in, with a sort of staple wrapped around the end, is hard to handle. Okay, I also used to enjoy Popeye cigarettes at Halloween and those fake banana flavoured peanuts--what a concept!

I once bought purple (or was it green?) ketchup for the kids. We all agreed it didn't taste the same. And it looked kind of gross.

Jerry House said...

Didn't see it on the list, but I loved peanut butter with bacon bits. I forget what company put it out, but its new product department must have been peopled with geniuses. Sadly, peanut butter with bacon bits was pulled shortly after it was released. Surely some else will fill this gap in the market. Sometime...soon...please?

Brent McKee said...

I used to love the McRib sandwich, but every time McDonalds revives it they "forget" to revive it in Canada.