Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Joan Collins Loves the '80s

'80s Fashion, Joan Collins, Coco Chanel, Big Hair - Bazaar.com: "I am fed up and cross with the constant criticism in the media of how ghastly '80s fashions were. Thank God for the '80s, I say.

I only wish they would return, with their endless optimism, dedicated work ethic, and innocence of all things computerish, Internetish, and e-mailish. How much simpler life was in the glamorous '80s, and how much more stylish and sophisticated most women looked then."


Anonymous said...

Well, of course she does. She was a star in the 80's, not to mention 25 years younger.


Deb said...

Jeff--My thoughts exactly! I loved how I looked in the 1980s--when I was a quarter of a century younger than I am today and I won't say how many pounds lighter! I also liked the big hair and the wide-shouldered jackets and the vibrant (some might say clashing) colors--but show my kids some of my favorite pictures of me from that era and I'm going to get some comments that are decidedly not positive!