Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who's Missing from this Slideshow?

This link goes to a slideshow of former cheerleaders. They left out at least one famous one.

Hint #1: She was a classmate of mine (along with 20,000 or so others) when she was a college cheerleader.

Hint #2: She's a U. S. senator.


Jim Winter said...

That wouldn't happen to be Kay Baily Hutchinson, would it?

(No, I didn't look that up. Never.)

Bill Crider said...

Right, and I just wish I had a photo to post.

Todd Mason said...

Hutchison as cheerleader pics, you mean. Didn't stop WMUR, home of the UNCLE GUS SHOW of my youth. And shame on them as an ABC affiliate for forgetting ONCE AND AGAIN star Sela Ward. (Ward even more attractive in her 40s than as a kid.)

TM said...

That is to say, not having cheerleading pics of the folks cited didn't stop WMUR.

Bill Crider said...

I'd prefer one from the college days. I saw one in a magazine some time ago, but it's not on the 'Net.