Monday, January 21, 2008

Croc Update

The night of the hunter | Weekend | Guardian Unlimited: "It began as a fun day out quad-biking in the Australian outback. But it ended in disaster - with one young man killed by a crocodile and his two friends perched all night in a tree while the predator circled below."

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jjs said...

I am so sick of the word "closure." they want "closure" on a devoured kid. they wont find complete and total relaxation until they get a piece of dna from the murk. his two buddies saw him lifeless in the jaws of a crocodile. who then went to the bottom and rammed the kid into five feet of mud to soften. then came back to the tree to maybe get tomorrow's lunch and dinner. and someone or other wants closure. they need to see a carcass piece. and then if they do they'll vomit for an hour and cry for a week. and then they'll feel better. they'll have closure. here's my advice, folks: throw some dynamite into the river. maybe 500 pounds of it, a lit stick at a time. if a crocodile bobs dead to the surface, shoot it to pieces with a machinegun. you'll get some closure. and you'll feel a lot better doing it than weeping at a piece of elbow. closure. please. what the hell ever happened to revenge?