Sunday, January 20, 2008

UFO Update

Hundreds meet with UFO experts about Stephenville sighting | - Houston Chronicle: "DUBLIN — James Huse came to state nothing but the facts. The theories would have to come later, he said.

So in pursuit of the truth, Huse traveled the few miles down the road from his home in Stephenville to the Rotary Club meeting hall in downtown Dublin on Saturday to tell this story:

On Jan. 8, shortly after dark, he was walking two house guests to their car near Stephenville's main square when he beheld a red glowing light moving slowly across the sky. He pointed up at the sky and said: 'UFO.'

'I know what an airplane looks like,' the 53-year-old retired electronics technician said. 'I know what a helicopter looks like. This wasn't an airplane or a helicopter.

'This looked different than anything I had ever seen,' he added."

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jjs said...

after 60 years, unidentified flying objects are still unidentified. there isnt one atom's worth of hard evidence. just evidence on something called "film" or "digital image" or some other kind of retinal response apparatus that cannot be actually touched felt or impacted. they have the same epirical reality as ghosts, so far. except of course, ghosts are from earth, and ufo's are from other plantets. there are no extraterrestrial ghosts here and there are no ufo here that come from here. that much we are certain about.