Monday, July 02, 2007

Thomas Buckley, R. I. P.

Thomas Buckley -- devoted to study of Bigfoot: "If there is one thing clear from the writings of Thomas Arthur Buckley, it is that the legendary beast known as Bigfoot was misnamed.

The hairy ape-man, also known as Sasquatch, did not really have inordinately large feet for his size, according to Mr. Buckley, an expert on ambulation. What he had, Mr. Buckley wrote, was an enormous posterior.

Mr. Buckley, of all people, would know. He not only studied Sasquatch footprints, but claimed he once looked the foul-smelling forest dweller right in the eye after luring it out of its hiding place with what he said was 'friendship and fish.'"


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Anonymous said...

Bigfoot sounds a bit more menacing than Bigbutt.

Jerry House