Saturday, July 07, 2007

Texans are Ingenious

Texans flee floods | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Latest News: "POTTSBORO, Texas – As the water at Lake Texoma rose this week, Rick Park went out and bought $5,000 worth of Styrofoam and fastened it to the undercarriage of his mobile home, which sits just a few feet from the lake.

Now, after water laid waste to nearby neighbors' homes, Mr. Park's 50,000-pound double-wide is the only one left floating. Amid a sea of mobile homes under 6 feet of water at the Lighthouse Resort and Marina, Mr. Park's home is reachable only by boat."


Anonymous said...

If they were really ingenious they'd find a way to collect some of that water and sell it to Los Angelenos.

Just a thought.

Unknown said...

A good idea. I guess we're not that ingenious, though.

Cap'n Bob said...

Shades of Carl Barks, and Uncle Scrooge raising a sunken ship by filling it with ping pong balls.

Unknown said...

Maybe that's where he got the idea.