Friday, July 06, 2007

The Back Alley Webzine Goes Live in One Week

From Richard Helms:

After almost two months of preparation, The Back Alley webzine is ready to go live! The Back Alley is a new quarterly online publication dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the hardboiled and noir literary genres.

For our initial issue, scheduled to go live on Friday, July 14, 2007, we have a sterling lineup of authors. Some are old favorites among short story aficionados, and others may be new to you.

In the first issue we will present a story by Edgar Award Winner G. Miki Hayden, entitled The Right Thing To Do.

We’ll also have a story by Derringer Award Winner Stephen D. Rogers (Services Rendered).

Shamus and Anthony Awards nominee Jack Bludis provided Available Light, a private eye tale about a divorce peeper with a real problem.

John Lau, a Los Angeles screenwriter who penned a television movie featuring Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer, will provide a gritty street noir entitled Restless 2Nite.

Finally, we’ll present Paper Walls/Glass Houses, the very first story published under Eric Shane’s byline. Shane is the pseudonym for a three-time Shamus Award nominee.

Our classic hardboiled story will be The False Burton Combs, generally acknowledged as the very first hardboiled private eye tale, first published in 1921 in Black Mask. Written by Carroll John Daly, this story is chock full of period vernacular and knuckles-and-know-how action.

We plan, in future issues, to include critical/biographic/historical analysis as a regular feature, and we strongly encourage submissions.

Please drop by the site on Friday, July 14, 2007, when The Back Alley webzine debuts, at !

We’ll keep a candle in the window for you!

Richard Helms,Editor
Barbadoes Hall Communications
a thrilling little publisher
The Back Alley Webzine

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