Sunday, July 01, 2007

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way Metro | State: "AUSTIN — Marriage and family counselor Tim Louis believes a new law rewarding couples for taking prenuptial classes — and penalizing those who don't — has gotten an unfair rap from critics.

The law, House Bill 2685 by Rep. Warren Chisum, a conservative Republican from the Panhandle, prompted derisive comments from opponents who called it the worst sort of government intrusion.

It calls for couples who take an eight-hour 'successful marriage' course approved by the state to get a free marriage license, with those who don't paying a doubled fee of $60.

The bill might be the most obvious example of government 'nanny state' efforts to affect behavior, which traditionally have been associated with liberal Democrats. Other such laws, passed by the majority-Republican Legislature and signed by Republican Gov. Rick Perry, take aim at such 'deadly sins' as gluttony and sloth."

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