Friday, July 06, 2007

The Ants Are Out of Control in Gurdon, AR

Thanks to John "Arkie" Duke for this link.

July 4, 2007: "Fire ants have apparently become a problem at Gurdon Lake – so much so that one resident has asked the Gurdon City Council to reimburse her for a cheeseburger that was devoured by ants during a recent fishing trip.

Sharon Lasker addressed the council during its meeting on Monday, June 25. She said the ant problem has become so bad recently that there are no places to fish without being bitten by the insects.

'There’s no place to fish anymore,' she said. 'These ants are getting to be ridiculous.'

Lasker asked if there were any funds for the purchase of ant poison to put out at the lake. She said the ants have taken over the picnic and park areas as well.

Lasker said that during a recent fishing trip, she put her cheeseburger in a chair long enough to bait a hook, and when she picked up back up, it was covered with ants.

'All I want to know is if the city is going to reimburse me for my number two cheeseburger,' she said."

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