Sunday, July 01, 2007

Summer Issue of Helix Now On-Line

The summer issue of the excellent on-line magazine Helix is now available. Check it out. Fans of hardboiled fiction might find this essay of special interest.


Randy Johnson said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the Brackett essay. I've read a lot of her fiction and knew she worked in Hollywood. But I wasn't familiar with all she'd written. Thanks.

Unknown said...

You're welcome. I always enjoy reading those essays about writers whose work I've enjoyed since I was a kid.

Aholiab said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying "Murder Among the OWLS", but was stumped when I saw Sheriff Rhodes threaten charges of mopery. When I got to work yesterday, I looked it up online at and could appreciate its use in your story.

Imagine my surprise when later in the morning I clicked on your link to Helix and read the first story, "A Mighty Fortress" and found the last paragraph to begin "Enough of this mopery!"

Thanks for adding a new word to my vocabulary... now if I can just get my co-workers to stop committing it!

Unknown said...

I stole it from Hammett.