Monday, July 02, 2007

Gator Update: Arkansas Edition

Thanks to John Duke for the link. Only in Arkansas would you have an alligator farm and petting zoo. Great video at the link, too.

Alligator Farm Celebrates 105th Birthday - "It's an attraction that's been entertaining Hot Springs visitors for 105 years and Sunday the Arkansas Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo celebrated its birthday. But that's not all they're happy about. It's been a good season for tourism thanks in part to slightly lower gas prices.

'It's kind of a family atmosphere. We get people that came here when they were kids. Their granddads brought them here and now they're bringing their kids or grandkids,' explains alligator handler Stacy McBay.

And one of the big attractions? Two hundred alligators of all shapes, sizes and ages. Two are 60 years old. They usually seem pretty relaxed, but around feeding time things get a lot scarier."

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