Friday, December 01, 2006

Will the Persecution Never End? (Anna NIcole Smith Edition)

Jeff Meyerson checks in with this bulletin.

New flash: Anna Nicole Smith is a mess. Again. And pregnant. Again. - Blogging Baby: "New flash: Anna Nicole Smith is a mess. Again. And pregnant. Again.

Posted Nov 30th 2006 2:35PM by Jonathon Morgan
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'I might be pregnant again...Did that just come out?'

Yes, Anna. It did.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles judge ordered that Smith submit her daughter for a paternity test. Larry Birkhead, her ex-boyfriend is still insisting that he's the father -- not Howard K. Stern, Smith's current beau. This means that Smith either a) was having sex with both at the same time, or b) is knowingly denying Mr. Birkhead his paternal rights because she's shacking up with someone new. Classy Anna, real classy.

But wait, Smith apparently told a Mr. G Ben Thompson, her landlord, that he was the father of her baby. After informing Smith that he'd long ago had a vasectomy, Thompson evicted Smith from the home he currently rents to her. She's got 48 hours to pack."


Jonathon said...

Hello fellow Texan! Just popped over 'cause you linked to my Blogging Baby article. Thought I'd say hi.

Bill said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jonathan! And thanks for the scoop on Anna Nicole.