Tuesday, November 28, 2006

100 Greatest TV Catchphrases

Complete list at the link. And yes, this one is on the list: "That's hot" (Paris Hilton, "The Simple Life")

AP Wire | 11/27/2006 | Dyn-O-Mite! TV Land lists catchphrases: "NEW YORK - Sometimes it takes only a word, or just a few, to become immortalized in television history. The TV Land cable network has compiled a list of the 100 greatest catchphrases in TV, from the serious - Walter Cronkite's nightly signoff 'And that's the way it is' - to the silly: 'We are two wild and crazy guys!'

The network will air a countdown special, 'The 100 Greatest TV Quotes & Catch Phrases,' over five days starting Dec. 11.

'We have found that television is such a huge part of baby boomers' DNA that it makes sense that so much of America's pop culture jargon has come from TV,' said Larry Jones, TV Land president.

The greatest number of moments, 26, come from the 1970s. TV Land identified nine moments from this decade. Ten are from commercials, and 28 from comedies, including six from 'Saturday Night Live.'"


Anonymous said...

It's a pretty fair list (other than Paris of course) but they missed some from Saturday Night Live:

"Well Jane, it just goes to show you, it's always something" and "a Mr. Richard Feder from Fort Lee, New Jersey" (Roseanne Roseannadanna) and "Oh...never mind" (Emily Litella) would make my list.

Cap'n Bob said...

I hate Beavis and Butthead. To my mind the greatest catchphrases would include "Yo, Rinty!," "Kemosabe," "Well, King, this case is closed," "Wadda ya say, Ralphie baby?" and "Hi-Yo, Silver!"

Anonymous said...

"It depends on what your definition of 'is' is" and "It's a slam-dunk, Mr. President" top my list. Somewhere toward the middle of my list is "Kyle's mom is a big fat whore" (sung with gusto) and Mr. Hanky's "Howdy, folks!" From that point, my list degenerates pretty rapidly.

-- Jerry House

Anonymous said...

DAvid Hinckley wrote about this today in the NY Daily News and (in an e-mail) added:

"It's got a good beat and it's easy to dance to" - a line my sister actually said to Dick Clark when she got to "rate a record" on American Bandstand.

And "Hi-yo, Silver!" should definitely be in there.

Unknown said...

Your sister got to Rate a Record? Wow. That's a real brush with greatness. So what was the record?

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with "Hi-yo Silver", and I'd also include "Him dead, Kemosabe?" and "He's dead, Jim." It seems that TV sidekicks were often reporting or asking about death to the leading man. I also missed, "I'm a doctor, not a(n) _______ ."