Friday, December 01, 2006

Brits Take Reality TV to a New Level

C4 to film oldest virgin's first time sex | the Mail on Sunday: "A new Channel 4 reality show will feature a real-life 40-year-old virgin - and audiences will see his introduction to the joys of sex.

Producers plan to film a retired vicar - who has not yet been named - being taught how to have sex and cameras will be there to capture the moment when he puts what he has practised into action.

Producers have sent him, along with three other virgins, to an Amsterdam sex school. The four novices will spend two months learning 'the art of intimacy' in the sin city. They will be coached by a series of sex therapists who, at the end of the teaching period, will deflower the foursome.

Cameras will follow the entire process - including filming the final act.

The contestants are aged from 20 upwards and the retired vicar has been dubbed by producers as 'the real 40-year-old virgin' after the character played by Steve Carell in the hit movie.

An insider on the Zig Zag Productions' programme, titled Virgin School, said: 'We will show as much as we're allowed.'"

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