Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Will the Persecution Never End? (Anna NIcole Smith Edition)

Fametastic ? Anna Nicole Smith moves out of contested Bahamian home: "Anna Nicole Smith and partner Howard K Stern have been granted a restraining order to keep an unnamed person (presumably G Ben Thompson or someone working for him) away from her Bahamian home.

Thompson claims the property belongs to him and sought to evict Anna Nicole and her family from $1million home as well as cutting off the power to the house.

Smith and Stern played down reports at the time but now Stern has admitted: “Somebody did try and shut the power off but we have a court order against this person so he can’t come on the property or try and shut the power off, or the water.”

However, Anna Nicole has decided to move out of the contested property to avoid further disruption: “I’ve actually bought a new house and it’s really nice. It’s on a dock and it’s a big house, lots of bedrooms and I’m really excited about the house.”"

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