Friday, December 01, 2006

New Thug Lit Now On-Line

In other news, ThugLit will be going monthly in January. Check it out.

Thug Lit - Todd Robinson, Writing About Wrongs: "You better not shout, you better not cry
You better watch out, we know where you live

Santa Thug is coming to town.

Your pal Johnny Kneecap back to brighten up your bleak holiday season and bring you some yuletide cheer.

Yeah, right.

I’m thinking more of a real, traditional holiday, you know - Santa with a leather mask, razor wire strung with twinkling lights and bright, shiny, new stilettos (heels, or otherwise) under the tree. You know, Ralphie gets a Sig Sauer SG550 5.56 mm. with a Nikon Laser Scope. Put Skut’s eye out (well pretty much mince his whole toboggan) at 300 yards. Ho Ho Ho.

Anyway – sit back (or up, or across the nice furniture) and check out these hairy chestnuts, they’ll be hot, but they ain’t gonna be cozy.

Oh, and leave a few slugs out for Santa."

The line-up:
Division of the Spoils - by James Williams

Contingencies - by Kevin McCarthy
A Goat, A Jaguar and Some Yams or The Aesop Of The Bronx - by
Cristobal Camaras
Maxwell's Demon Strikes Again - by Miles Archer
The Memory of My Legs - by Hana K. Lee
BTS - by Ann Androla
First Day Back - by Patrick J Lambe
Mom's Money, Dad's Gun - by Hugh Lessig
Like Riding a Moped - by Jordan Harper
What Was He Thinking? - by Marianne Rogoff
Gladiator - by Mark Bowen
Blood - by Peter J Hogenson

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