Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm Sure U.S. Teachers Would Do Much Better

Half of teachers make simple apostrophe mistake | the Daily Mail: "Teachers' shaky grasp of grammar and punctuation has been exposed in a survey of the nation's literacy skills.

Two-thirds made a basic apostrophe mistake in a test administered to more than 2,000 workers from key professions. Eight per cent even muddled the use of I and me.

Test yourself - would you get it right?

Teachers made a string of blunders despite being responsible for drumming correct English into the next generation.

Their less-than-polished performance left them lagging behind employees in the creative and arts sectors."


Anonymous said...

Oh, sure . . . now that your retired, go ahead and jump on us teachers.

Unknown said...

Ill bet you got all of them rite.

Anonymous said...

This is the reason that I can't read a good book without a blue-pencil mindset. It didn't happen before I spent time in the classroom correcting those pesky 'postrophes.

Anonymous said...

I scored well. But, I'm just a librarian.