Friday, February 04, 2011

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Island to be staffed exclusively by blondes | "Olialia (pronounced 'Ooh La La') is hoping that by opening a resort in the exotic Indian Ocean destination staffed entirely by fair-haired women, they can dispel the stereotype that blondes are ‘less intelligent’."

But there was a problem:

'Blonde women only' Maldives island hits snag as half of staff need wigs | "A holiday resort on an island in the Maldives which bosses plan to staff using only blonde women is facing a major problem, but it's not over discrimination - nearly half their staff actually have dark hair and will need wigs."

But not to worry:

"Never fear though, Mr Drooling Businessman, your 'blonde-only' haven still looks set to become a reality.

Brand manager Lauryna Anuseviciut said Olialia are going to navigate the rather significant problem by ensuring any employees with dark hair wear a wig."

Wig, er, hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.


  1. Should have checked with Paul Bishop. He would have told them that there's trouble with blondes.

  2. Gerard2:39 PM

    Does the merkin match the hairpiece?

  3. Years ago I dated a blonde who worked at a Mexican restaurant and had to wear a black wig.