Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Well, not your childhood

This car from your childhood has increased in value by 58,000%


Mike Stamm said...

Oh, definitely my youth (not really childhood)--I was 18 when this came out, though I didn't see one in the--metal?--for years afterward. $7500 was WAY beyond any dreams I may have had then.

Rick Robinson said...

The numbers are badly inflated, even for the Cobra. The Barracuda (actually the model is a 'Cuda) would be a top earner IF it's a Hemi, an because it's a convertible, and IF it has a 4 speed, and IF it's been nut-and-bolt restored. There are 70 and 71 'Cudas around for 40K, which admittedly is still a lot of cash.