Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Hobby That's Not for Me

Shanghai's Daring 'Rooftoppers' Are Taking Urban Exploration to New Heights  

Amazing photos, but I could never take them.


Jeff Meyerson said...

Holy sh!t!

These guys are freaking nuts. I have no problem with heights as a rule, but the second and third pictures were even hard to look at.

Henry Melton said...

Back in the days when I was a university student, I had part time jobs at radio and TV stations where I visited the transmitting towers and changed out tubes and took RF intensity readings for the FCC. I also climbed the towers. They were only 300 feet tall, so nothing in the class of those photos, but once you get a little ways up, it doesn't matter if you fall fifty feet or a thousand. The view was wonderful. The AM radio towers were special, since they were active elements. Walk up and touch one and you'd get severe burns. It would light up a florescent light held in my hands near the tower. I used a wooden ladder to make the transition, and once I was on the tower, it only stung a little holding onto the bare metal. I would climb up to the top and replace burned out aircraft warning lights. That is, until the station management found out and told me to stop, for insurance reasons. After that, I just watched when the specialized crews came in and did the same thing I was doing.

Unknown said...

Yikes. I couldn't have done that.