Saturday, January 07, 2017

The Digest Enthusiast #5 -- You Know You Want It!

The Digest Enthusiast #5 | Digest Magazines: The Digest Enthusiast #5 Jan. 2017 cover by Joe Wehrle, Jr. TDE5 is now available in print and Kindle editions. 

Here’s the lineup: • Interview with Bill Crider: The inside story on Dan Rhodes, EQMM’s Blog Bytes and Bill’s storied career with digests—with special coverage of the beloved DAPA-EM. 

• Digest News: the latest from Dell, Fate, F&SF, Nostalgia Digest, Video WatcHDog and our contributors; readers’ response to TDE4; plus Tom Brinkmann’s portraits of synchronicity. 

• Peter Enfantino’s overview and synopses of Martin Goodman’s Justice Amazing Detective Mysteries. • Steve Carper cracks the riddle of the remarkable Ellery Queen Selects series. 

• Peter Enfantino reports on the editorial insights of Robert A.W. Lowndes on his ultimate manifestation: the Magazine of Horror

• RAWL on Writing for Publication, a summary by Richard Krauss. 

• Reviews of the UK’s Worlds of Fantasy #4, The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction edited by Peter Nicholls, Charles Beckman, Jr.’s Honky Tonk Girl by Gary Lovisi, and Marvel Science Stories May 1951. 

• Genre fiction by Lesann Berry, Richard L. Kellogg, and Joe Wehrle, Jr.; with illustrations by Brian Buniak, Michael Neno, and Joe Wehrle, Jr. 

• Plus contents lists and sources; digest magazine checklists; Haiku by Clark Dissmeyer; cartoons by Brad Foster and Bob Vojtko; and more.  

Print version, $8.99, includes nearly 100 B&W cover images, 152 pages, 5.5″ x 8.5″ digest.
 Kindle version, $2.99, includes over 50 color cover images.


Walker Martin said...

This magazine deserves our support, I have the previous four issues and will be buying this fifth issue at

Rick Robinson said...

Got it!

Richard Krauss said...

Thanks for all your help on the issue, Bill--not to mention sharing the announcement here. Your interview is the highlight!

And many thanks to Walker and Mr. Robinson as well for your support!

Rick Robinson said...

Richard, couldn't see how to send an email to you, so I'll say it here. Terrific issue! I went back and bought #4 as well. Both in Kindle addition. Thanks to Crider and James Reasoner for touting your publication. Now I'm hooked. Thanks!