Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Once Again Texas Leads the Way

Texas Facebook feud spills out into the real world — and 4 people end up shot


Don Coffin said...

(1) This does not say much for the firearms proficiency of Texans.

(2) I want to know what was in those FB posts, and I refuse to believe the police don't know. They just aren't sharing.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

This was big news here since it was/is in our area. WBAP, a Forth Worth radio station, is the only one claiming it was a FB feud or that it was folks from South Dallas that came up to Allen and caused mayhem. Nine folks were arrested. Allen PD has been talking about making several more arrests over the next few days.

It started as a fistfight in the street in a residential area according to numerous reports between multiple early twenty years old folks and late teens. At some point one or two guns were produced and shots were fired. Whether they were licensed to carry or any other details have not been released to the public.

Often times when this sort of thing happens, and this is not the first, somebody who knows those involved manages to delete everything before the police can get their hands on the social media posts. That results in delays while they get computer experts to resurrect the records. In a similar case last year there was about a month between the killing at a local car wash and the arrests based on resurrected social media posts.