Sunday, January 01, 2017

Librarians use fake reader to check out and save books

The Sacramento Bee: A library in Florida created a fake reader, named it for a former major-league baseball player, and allowed it to check out books to make sure certain titles remained on the shelves. Books that aren’t used for a long period can be discarded and removed from the library system.


Deb said...

I once advised a blogger who knew his local library system was going to discard a slew of obscure mystery hardbacks from the 1930s/1940s to "judiciously liberate" them. I usually don't advocate theft, but when a book that is about to be pulped may represent one of the last-known copies, I think taking it to a good home is less about stealing and more about rescue.

Gerard Saylor said...

my personal philosophy is that weeding must be ruthless. I have pulled some great stuff because of circs and space.

Sounds like this guy was scamming the budget system way more than saving favorites.