Saturday, November 05, 2016

Once Again Texas Leads the Way

Private resort community underway in Ector: "It's an hour north of Dallas-Fort Worth," said Whitt. "In case of any sort of war or nuclear war or international terrorism, it's an hour away from what we call 'the threat zone.' " 

Trident Lakes plans to have 400 condos, all 90 percent underground. 

There will also be an underground tunnel system, a shared greenhouse, a DNA vault and several helipads. 

"It's going to be one of the world's safest communities, so of course, it will be gated and there will be armed security at all times," said Whitt.


Don Coffin said...

Figures this would happen in Texas. Although I understand there are some surplus missile silos available in North

Karin said...

Friendly ;(

Gerard said...

I was thinking about missile silos as well. But, those are all on the middle of the prairie.