Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Bestselling Books of... 1915

The Bestselling Books of... 1915 (Part 1)

Part 2 is here.


Deb said...

Those were interesting lists--and I was surprised at the number of authors (if not necessarily the specific books) that I knew: Mary Roberts Rinehart, Zane Grey, the woman who wrote the LIMBERLOST books, a different Winston Churchill (although the writer of the article apparently doesn't know that THE Winston Churchill was half American). It really is a sad commentary on the complete oblivion into which Booth Tarkington has fallen that a first edition of the best selling book of 1915 goes for $3!

/I have a first edition of MURDER AT THE SUPERBOWL, co-written by Fran Tarkington that would probably fetch more.

Unknown said...

A lot of those names were familiar to me, too, Deb, and I've even read books by some of them. I loved the Penrod books by Booth Tarkington when I was a kid.