Friday, January 22, 2016

New Sax Rohmer from Stark House Press!

STARK HOUSE PRESS: The Yellow Claw / The Golden Scorpion 978-1-933586-81-6 Rohmer created Fu Manchu and other superb villains. In these two mysteries, we are introduced to Gaston Max, a Parisian detective and a master of disguise, hot in the pursuit of two criminal masterminds who seek to undermine the very fabric of British society. Introduction by William Patrick Maynard. Due November 2015.


Jerry House said...

And THE GOLDEN SCORPION hints obliquely of Fu Manchu lurking in the background and was included in the British FU MANCHU OMNIBUS.

George said...

I read these Sax Rohmer novels back in the Sixties. But I'll buy this STARK HOUSE volume. I love what STARK HOUSE is publishing!

Rick Robinson said...

I think THE YELLOW CLAW is a pretty weak entry in the Rhomer oeuvre.