Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Christopher Hale, Midsummer Nightmare, Dell, 1947


Don Coffin said...

I thought I might have read this, but the Kirkus review tells me not:

"Miss Warburton does not know whether or not she is guilty, when accused of murdering her employers' sister -- for she walks in her sleep. Then comes a second murder, also pointing to her. There are other suspects in the offing -- red herrings in quantity -- there's a fire and a death of one of the employers. There's a rotter, Dirk, with ample cause and opportunity. All of which makes for good suspense, complicated by romance on the side. Finally, a trap is laid which almost costs the life of the chief suspect, but the trap is sprung, a mistaken identity rectified, and the criminal spotted. Setting -- Grand Rapids and vicinity. Good yarning -- but overplayed on score of unnecessary confusion worse confounded."

George said...

I loved DELL Mapbacks. I picked them up whenever I found them.