Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dragon by the Bay -- Garnett Elliott

In 1866, Carson Lowe arrives in San Francisco to make his fortune.  Things go wrong almost immediately, and Lowe finds himself in jail, where he witnesses something incredible as another prisoner is removed from his cell by a masked figure.  Is magic involved?  

Lowe doesn't find out at once because he's bailed out by Constance Perrine, a bawdy house owner who wants Lowe to keep order and provide more intimate services for her.  One of the whores goes missing, and Lowe looks for her, uncovering in the process a lot of secrets of the Chinese in the city.  And under the city.   

These secrets involve martial arts that border on the magical, and if you've ever seen Big Trouble in Little China, you know what I mean.  Fights in the middle of the air, almost superhuman powers, and of course there's that dragon.  Remember the San Francisco earthquake?  Well, there's a dragon in the bay.  You can find out more about it in this novella, which has a lot of martial arts action, some humor, and characters that it would be fun to see more of.  Check it out.


Kevin R. Tipple said...

Enjoyed it as well. Reviewed to today. A fun read.

Garnett Elliott said...

Thanks for giving this a read, Bill. Much appreciated.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Bill!

David Cranmer said...

That previous thanks was me, Bill. So thank you, thank you.