Thursday, August 06, 2015

Dry Stone Walls -- Robert J. Randisi

The protagonist of Robert J. Randsisi's new novel (the first in a series) is Truxton Lewis, a retired Captain of Detectives in the New York City Police Department.  His wife having died, he's decided to travel around the country as a housesitter.  His first job takes him to a small town in Kentucky, where he meets Max Beasley, a man who practices the dying art of building mortarless rock fences -- dry stone walls.

Lewis is interested in the wall-building process and asks Lewis to let him help with the wall and learn how the work is done.  Beasley is a curmudgeonly sort, but he agrees.  It's not long, however, before a real estate developer is murdered, and Beasley is arrested for the crime. Lewis doesn't believe Beasley is guilty and decides to put his detective skills to use by investigating.

Randisi is a master at telling a fast-moving story, and he throws in several twists along the way to keep readers off balance.   The investigative details all ring true, and Lewis is an intriguing new character.  I'm sure he'll soon find another housesitting job, another body will turn up, and another adventure will begin.  Check it out.

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Mel Odom said...

Enjoyed this one too.