Tuesday, August 04, 2015

And You Thought Math Class Wasn't Useful

Agatha Christie's whodunnits mystery's can be solved with maths: The daunting mathematical formula is k r, δ, θ, c=f{rk δ θP,M, c(3≤4.5}  

And an English class might've been useful for the headline writer.


Deb said...

Well, did you expect better from the "Daily Fail"?

Regarding the formula, it's almost the sort of thing you have to work backwards because the key element of the formula is "-r"--the relationship between the killer and victim, and you don't know that until you determine the killer (and, sometimes with Christie, even who the victim actually is). Anyway, I'm glad I've read all of Christie's work so I don't have to worry about some formula spoiling my enjoyment.

/But what would Seepy Benton say?

Don Coffin said...

When I first read a report about this, my first thought was, "So, if you know who the killer is, you can predict who the killer is."