Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Watch How Baby Name Popularity Changes Over Time

Watch How Baby Name Popularity Changes Over Time


Deb said...

Just saw a birth announcement for a girl named Evelyn Claire and was thrilled to think some of the "old fashioned" names are making a comeback. I don't like the need so many parents have to use the trendiest name du jour (do you know how many Madisons, Avas, and Aidens there are?), then I remind myself that Abelard and Heloise named their son "Astrolabe" which was a high-tech (by medieval standards) instrument for identifying the stars and was for a while a popular name for boys--so there's nothing new about trendy names!

Jeff Meyerson said...

I think the "Madison" thing started after SPLASH.

When we were kids (before electricity) I knew a lot of Stevens and Larrys and Davids and the like. Girls were Susan or Barbara.

By the time our nieces and nephews were born (1977-2000) that had changed to Kelly & Tracy, Samantha & Luke, Nathan and then Blythe & Brooklyn and C.J.

Newest generation: Senna and Bianca.