Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I'm Sure You'll All Agree

Ranking All 50 United States of America From Best to Worst  

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.


Anders E said...

I really ought to be neutral here. Yet, I have an affininity for Minnesota due to its inherent Scandinavian-ness (is that a word?). This is a fine place to start, books and movies are both terrific.


And then there's Pennsylvania. My paternal grandmother was born in Philadelphia in 1907, by parents who had crossed the Atlantic independent of each other. They returned to the old country in 1912 for reasons unknown. My sister and me speculate that this may have been due to our great-granddad perhaps being an illegal immigrant or even involved in somewhat shady dealings. While a lot of details about great-grandmother Ida can be found in immigration records on the web, there's no trace whatsoever of great-granddad Gunnar. Nothing at all! And yet we have photographic evidence that they both indeed lived in Philly ca 1910. I sense an interesting story in all this.

Unknown said...

It's already an interesting story. Mystery, suspense, old photos. Great stuff. I await the solution.

Anders E said...

Bill, I'd have have to make it all up. Everyone who knew anything is long gone. Btw, while my grandmother died a few years before I was born, great-granny Ida lived to be 92 so I got to know her really well. A great lady, and also the only adult I knew who could speak English. I guess it's Pennsylvania for me after all.

Oh, sometime ca 1910 Gunnar was listed in an old country census as being "unavailable" or "not found". It's sort of hard to translate but the guy obviously just buggered off without telling anyone and certainly without mentioning it to any authorities. Ahem. My mother used to say that he later made a living from "well, um, some kind of...uh, business". What a heritage.

Anders E said...

Not only that, but one ancestor on Gunnar's side may very well have been the brother of Pehr Löfling, one of Carl Linnaeus' students. It's not confirmed yet, but it's very likely.


But now I digress. Oh, how I digress.

(sorry, but I'm celebrating that Sweden just won the UEFA men's under-21 final against Portugal. I am btw by EU legislation not allowed to use the dreaded s-word, not even when communicating with americans)

Unknown said...

Digress all you want to. Very interesting. Gunnar must have been quite a guy, and it would be fun to know what he was up to during his (I hope) long career.

EU legislation doesn't apply to blog comments, I'll bet.

Anders E said...

Gunnar was a handsome devil, judging by the old photos. We're talking about a guy who could really, REALLY wear a suit. In 1907, no less. I so wish I could do that as well as he did. Ida was certainly no dummy, but I understand her very well. Pictures of him from ca 1960 are not quite as flattering.

About the s-word, I'm sorry but personally I really agree that it should be avoided at all costs. It really is an abomination. Other words to be avoided are "inch", "ounce" and "Fahrenheit".

Unknown said...

Well, we certainly don't want to upset the EU and get banned.

Deb said...

Amazed that Louisiana was ranked so high (5), but I couldn't quite ascertain what their judging criteria was.

Jeff Meyerson said...

And how about Michigan as #1? What's up with that?

I did love the Florida Man stuff, however. Just priceless.


Unknown said...

It's an odd list. I thought Texas would be down there with Florida. And Michigan at #1 was a real surprise.

Cap'n Bob said...

An asinine list even if we did land in the #8 spot, ahead of Texas. How can Alabama be so high on the list and Mississippi so low? Their like two halves of the same loaf. Dumb list.

Cap'n Bob said...

"they're," not there. There ought to be a way to correct your posts without deleting them entirely and rewriting them.

Cap'n Bob said...


Unknown said...

You're right, Cap'n. That's a serious flaw in blogger.

Gerard said...

The list author is probably from Michigan. Don't forget the old saying, "Muck Fichigan."

Unknown said...

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