Thursday, July 02, 2015

Charles W. Runyon, R. I. P.

Jerry's House of Everything: CHARLES W. RUNYON, R.I.P.


August West said...

I just read "The Killer Touch" last week. I loved all 3 of his novels tagged with the Ellery Queen name. A very good writer.

Unknown said...

The first one I read was THE PRETTIEST GIRL I EVER KILLED. Fifty years ago probably. Good stuff.

Ed Gorman said...

I had three or four long conversations with him in setting up his twofer for Stark House. He had more than his share of publishing disappointments. He sure was a good writer and a nice guy. I liked his protagonists (not the killers :) because they were the real deal of hippie outcasts and horndog scrappers. I wish someone who'd known him well would write about him.