Monday, July 13, 2015

The Digest Enthusiast Book Two

Maybe you recall my comments about the excellent Digest Enthusiast Book One, but if you don't, you can read them here.  This issue is just as good, if not better.  Interviews, articles, reviews, stories, you just can't go wrong. I highly recommend it.  You can get it in paperback or for the Kindle (links below).

Gary Lovisi: Gryphon Books, Paperback Parade, Sherlock Holmes
Steve Darnall: Nostalgia Digest, Those Were the Days, Radio’s Golden Age
Robert Lopresti: Alfred Hitchcock, Ellery Queen, Mike Shayne

Borderline (James Dean & Vampira, L. Ron Hubbard) by Tom Brinkmann
Astounding Trading Cards
The Mysterious Traveler Magazine (Robert Arthur and David Kogan) 
The Italian Mister No Digest Comics by Joe Wehrle, Jr.
H.L Gold’s Beyond Fantasy Fiction by Joe Wehrle, Jr.
Australia’s Action and Leisure Pulp Crime Digests by Gary Lovisi
Archie Comics Digests By the Numbers by Matthew Turcotte

Monster! #15 edited by Timothy Paxton & Steve Fenton
Shanks on Crime by Robert Lopresti
Pulp Crime Digests by Gary Lovisi
Asimov's July 2015 edited by Sheila Williams
Big Fiction #7 edited by Heather Jacobs
Dead Weight by Frank Kane 
Paperback Parade #88 edited by Gary Lovisi
Analog #1000 edited by Trevor Quachri

"Passenger for the Night Train" by Joe Wehrle, Jr.
"Sweet and Sour" by D.D. Ploog
"Painesville" by Richard Krauss
"In the Fight for His Life" by John Kuharik

Joe Wehrle, Jr. (cover & illustrations)
Brad Foster (gag cartoon) 
Andrew Goldfarb (illustrations)
Michael Neno (illustrations)
D.D. Ploog (photo art) 
Bob Vojtko (gag cartoons)

Also includes:
Editor's Notes
Beyond Fantasy Fiction contents
Mysterious Traveler contents and the original sources of its reprints
Robert Lopresti bibliography
Social media round-up
Opening Lines

Print version includes nearly 100 cover images.
Kindle version includes over 50 cover images.

152 pages, 5.5" x 8.5" digest

Print $8.99 Digital $2.99


Todd Mason said...

I guess we are a sizable proportion of the target audience here. (I do mean you and I.)

Unknown said...

They're doing a really good job on this publication, and #3 is already in the planning stages. I like to support work like this.

Todd Mason said...

"Pulp Crime Digests by Gary Lovisi"--shame!