Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Pulling the Plug on English Departments: “Within a few decades, contemporary literature departments will be largely extinct,” Pulizzi submits before predicting that “communications, composition, and media studies will take English’s place.” 

Rather than expressing anxiety, or at least, worry over the impending destruction of one of the only mechanisms for introducing young Americans to a pillar of art, human history, and the Western tradition, Pulizzi credulously asks, “Why should college students read narrative prose when they get their fill of stories from television, cinema, and interactive video games?”


Rick Robinson said...

Art education is already gone. Cursive (handwriting) is fading. Now this. We will soon have an illiterate society, it seems totally focused on the visual media supplied by the for profit vendors of low-brow pap.

Unknown said...

I can see a good SF story in this. Or a bad one.

Deb said...

Oh, it will be a great story, it's just the subject matter that's so depressing.